Company Background

Lady Luck Media Ltd is a platform development and digital agency which focuses predominantly on creating large scale consumer platforms which also search well.

The founder, Eddie Yu has been working in business since 1997, starting out in British Aerospace and moving on to various financial software companies based in The City of London. Since the start, Lady Luck Media Ltd has generated over £6m of revenue for clients using various digital marketing strategies.

Lady Luck Media Ltd has developed into a company that specialises in building incredible looking websites which are highly ranked in search engines and convert leads into sales extremely well. This expertise has been developed within the company over many years of providing successful website solutions in several different industries.

The company was originally focused on just website development and graphic design, however, as more experience was gained, one of the core strengths that we developed was being able to understand search engines at an advanced level, which meant we could deliver high rankings with ease.


From 2011, Lady Luck Media decided to focus on developing entire brand experiences which merges all aspects of design and build together with digital marketing and the user experience.

Eddie Yu is also the author of the book "Speedlights & Elephants: Winning The Online Business Game".

We have been featured in

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