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Do you need to design your site for tablet devices?

13 July 2012

Tablet PCs are all the rage today. Replacing laptops as the most popular medium for mobile computing, tablets can be found in the hands of millions of people across the world. The most popular tablet, of course, is the iPad, but that in no way is the only tablet PC out there. With the popularity of this type of device, it does beg an important question. Should you take steps to specifically design your website for the tablet-using audience?

The short and most obvious answer is yes. The sad fact of the matter is that tablets display web content differently than that bulky desktop PC you’re probably using to create your website. In a way, it puts the average home entrepreneur at a disadvantage, because it’s all they can do to even grasp website construction the normal and accepted way. Adding tablets and other mobile devices into the mix is like throwing a monkey wrench in the program.

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