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What plans do Microsoft have for Skype?

09 July 2012

With a world advancing more and more toward the internet every single day, we often see huge brands compromising, tweaking their interface, and merging all to bring about something completely different. Take two of the biggest names out there today as an example, Microsoft and Skype. Microsoft, which is the biggest name in computers all around, and Skype, which is the biggest name in video communications, are planning a merger of sorts, with Microsoft purchasing the VoIP service for around $8.5 billion.

But why would Microsoft decide to purchase Skype? After all, Microsoft has its own version of Skype with Windows Live Messenger – a service that offers practically the exact same things that Skype offers people.

As Aapo Markkanen, ABI Research’s consumer mobility analyst explains, “Microsoft could add a Skype-powered communication platform to Xbox.” This obviously means that Microsoft has other things in mind than simply acquiring what amounts to a video chat service. They’re essentially betting that the combination of the two platforms would create a mega platform – a communication hub that would become the staple in people’s homes, replacing much of what they use now to communicate.

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Using Online Payment Methods Effectively to Drive Down Costs

15 November 2010

As the Internet and business has evolved, so too have online payment methods. In the golden days of mom-n-pop stores, it was one step ahead of the Jones to even have a credit card processing unit in your shop, and this is only recent history. In the past two decades, with the online business boom, digital payments are just the norm.

Any online business looking to effectively keep their costs low would be wise to streamline their payment methods. Not only does it make things a lot more convenient for the customers if they can quickly pay via multiple methods, but today's methods keep you from having to fork over percentages and flat rates for processing fees, enabling you to save some serious cash over time.

Only a few short years ago, a lot of online businesses were turning to the above-mentioned processing companies to deal strictly with credit card payments. While this was and still is in some cases convenient for both the purveyor and the customer, it's a rather expensive way to deal with online payments seeing as you have a slew of other options available at your disposal.

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Paying Your Business Partners

04 August 2010

Everything in business is eventually going to boil down to money. Any marketplace is all about dollars and cents, and your success as a businessperson hinges on your ability to make more money than what you put in. This includes a wide range of expenses, especially your business partners. The type of arrangement you have with your partners is an important thing to consider.

It might seem relatively simple when you stop to think about it. After all, if youre planning on setting up a business and need a business partner, things are going to be a 50/50 split, right? Well, not so fast. Who says that this partner gets 50%? Did he or she contribute equally to the business? Did this person invest more than you but the business was still your idea?

There are many aspects here to consider, and thats just talking about one business partner. Now imagine that you have two or more business partners that you have to worry about paying. Things can easily get confusing, and if any partner feels cheated or slighted, then the relationship can dissolve and the business can crash.

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3 Steps to Fruitful Business Partnerships

02 August 2010

Finding a business partner before you decide to take your vision to the next level could be the best decision youve ever made. It could also be the worst, however, as many partnerships dissolve rapidly and result in a catastrophic split that cannot be fixed. The only real remedy for this sickness is preemptive care dont get sick to begin with; and thats easier said than done.

You want any business partnership to be like a friendship. Youll have disagreements for sure, but youll also want to have a likeminded vision of moving forward with the business. To this end, its important to seek out compatibility.

Making a partnership work could never be explained in a few simple tips, but we can get off on the right foot by laying out the three best steps to take when seeking a fruitful business partnership.

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The Fragile World of Webmaster and Affiliate Manager Relations

10 May 2010

In the business world, relationships are always fragile. Even strong bonds forged over many years can be easily broken when money and livelihoods are on the line. Some of the easiest business relationships to break happen in the online world, and especially when dealing with webmaster and affiliate relations, even a minor miscommunication can be disastrous.

The relationships between an affiliate manager and a webmaster can be quite different. A webmaster is a person in charge of maintaining a website. For the sake of this article, the webmaster is the individual(s) handling your servers, hardware/software features, and ensuring that your site operates correctly.

An affiliate manager is an individual helping to manage affiliate marketing programs by assisting in generating sales, traffic and tracking purchases as well as sending commissions. In operating your own web affiliate business, you may end up dealing with both a webmaster to handle your site and an affiliate manager to help with your marketing efforts.

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Partnering up in Business to Achieve Maximum Success

05 May 2010

Going into business for yourself is a very risky venture, and this is intensified if you decide to go at it alone. This is why many people, regardless of the business they're trying to operate, decide to find at least one business partner to pair with.

While the disadvantages of having a partner are numerous and well known, the advantages and avenues to reach maximum potential are exponentially expanded.

Not every successful business was forged from partnership, obviously; but having a successful partnership is if done correctly literally doubling your chances for success.

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Advancing Your Business - Partner, Promote and Profit

12 April 2010

Starting your business begins with an idea. Nothing has ever fallen into an entrepreneur's lap; it's all been about thinking up a unique idea and angle, and pursuing it fervently to see it through fruition. There are many ways in which you can go about starting a business. In this article, we'll cover the three Ps: Partner, promote and profit.

First up is the partner. Now, like a marriage, you're going to want trust, devotion and still an informal relationship that involves some enjoyment outside of the business arena. Although the last point isn't vitally essential, it still helps tremendously to forge a friendship with a business partner, allowing for regular dialog and a positive attitude.

Finding a business partner shouldn't be hard work if the business idea is worth pursuing. You would be surprised at how many people jump at the chance to take part in a business they think will be profitable. It's a possible life-changing venture that brings out the entrepreneur in us all.

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Business Partners and Money The Importance of Clear Dialog

06 April 2010

Operating a business isn't going to be easy. There are numerous obstacles to overcome in the highly competitive world of commerce, and these problems have the potential to rear their ugly heads on a daily basis.

There's no avoiding them, so the only option is to plow through them. These problems can be exponentially increased by having a business partner.

Depending on what type of business you're trying to run, having a business partner can be a wise move. However, it's also dangerous. You must maintain an open and clear dialog with your partner at all times. If not, you can be in for a host of difficulties.

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What are the steps to finding the right business partner?

09 February 2010

Practical Steps to Take in the Process

Finding a business partner is perhaps one of the largest steps youll take throughout the process of starting and effectively running a business. Finding any type of partner can be a difficult process, but with business, youre looking for someone to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Youre looking for a strong working relationship, trust, and many other attributes that will help this relationship grow stronger as time passes.

The first step is perhaps the most important, and is to do with exactly what to look for in a partner for any business.

Knowing what you want

It may seem pretty straightforward and simple, but many people simply dont know what they want in a business partner. They choose based on qualifications or monetary purposes alone and end up in a bad partnership. So approach this step by listing out the values you seek in any partner.

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