Luton Rent To Buy

This was the second project with this team of property investors who required a unique lead generation website to focus specifically on the area of Luton.

The site is aimed at tenant buyers who wish to explore the option of renting a property with a view to purchasing it later. The site is geared towards a contact action whether by online forms or through email or phone.

The site is built with adaptable growth to allow properties to be entered into a bespoke content system that allows their own way of displaying and presenting property.

The system also plugs into the crucial 3 social media channels and we were responsible for all those designs and campaigns to get them kick started with this particular project.

Luton Rent To Buy
web design
Our work included:
Web design, internet marketing strategies, email integration, graphic design, data typing, web development, article writing
Technologies used:
PHP, CSS, HTML, Drupal, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop
web design
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Business Computing World B2B MarketingBBC Radio Growing Business Fourth Source The Hertfordshire Business Independent Start Your Business Magazine Figaro Digital
Website Development

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